The easy way to build a great community.

The most polished, user-friendly forum software ever.

With the most polished, user-friendly forum software ever.

Clean, modern design

Award winning.

Winner of the 2014 Award for Best Commercial Forum Software at With Plush, you know you're getting premium forum hosting at a great price.

Full-featured, out of the box.

A perfectly integrated blog, private messaging, member directory, custom profiles, events, paid subscriptions and a polished set of forum features. All with absolutely no technical knowledge required and no plugins to install.

As lively as your members.

Real-time discussions keep your users engaged and the conversation flowing.
Live notifications mean they won't miss a chance to get involved. And an intuitive feedback system promotes positive participation.

Finely crafted.

Every page is carefully designed to connect users with the information they need. The result is a beautiful site that feels natural to navigate, and effortless to brand.

Made for mobile.

A world-class mobile experience, without yet another app to install. PlushForums looks great and loads quickly on smartphones, with no compromise on features.

Vibrant discussion, guaranteed.

Easily add images, videos, tweets, polls, smart quotes, hashtags, emojis and rich text.
All with an easy-to-use editor that saves every word, so you never lose your work.

Fast, secure and worry-free.

Free SSL support, hourly backups and built-in protection against bots, spammers and hackers. Our hosted forum software will keep your online community fast and safe.

What our customers say

PlushForums allows my students, alumni and fellow faculty members to work asynchronously to mirror our collaborative offline culture.
Dr. Joe Mazza, University of Pennsylvania
I would highly recommend Plush as an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and well supported forum solution that takes minutes to configure and get live.
Darren Williams and Team,
Plush prioritizes user experience, strong design, support, and affordability, enabling everyone to better engage with their audiences.
Laura Bernheim,
Your solution rocks, we�re using it at TheFamily and now for our startups. Great product!
C�me Courteault, TheFamily
Your user interface is amazing. Really, really, really amazing job. And thanks for all your prompt replies to my questions.
Whitney English, Day Designer
We�re very pleased with the forum software and also with your responsiveness! Thanks again for everything.
Jonathan Tripple, ShootAlong

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