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PlushForums allows my students, alumni and fellow Penn faculty members to work asynchronously to mirror our collaborative offline culture.
Dr. Joe Mazza, University of Pennsylvania, USA
I just set up my first PlushForum. I’m amazed at how simple and beautiful everything is. You did an outstanding job.
Chris Luck, USA
Your user interface is amazing. Really, really, really amazing job. And thanks for all your prompt replies to my questions.
Whitney English, USA
I wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with my decision to sign up with PlushForums. I'm so happy with how streamlined, elegant, and functional everything is. And even better, the members love it.
Brad Castro, USA
For our team to be able to stay connected to our customers online, PlushForums was the right choice. The ease of use and excellent customer service are in my 'best of' list. The possibilities are amazing. Very robust for a forum yet simple enough to manage.
Manny Vargas, France
I would really like to mention how amazing I have found both the platform and the customer service. Any time that we have submitted a support request we have always found the response to be incredibly helpful and on-point. It's hard to find such great service. Thank you again and well done on a great product. I will not hesitate to recommend Plush.
Steve Webb, Australia
I've had nothing except a positive experience with Plush so far. Great work to you and the team.
Tom Frazier, USA
For the record, you guys have some of the best customer support I've ever seen. Thank you.
George Saieed, USA
Your solution rocks, we’re using it at TheFamily and now for our startups. Great product!
Côme Courteault, France
We’re very pleased with the forum software and also with your responsiveness! Thanks again for everything.
Jonathan Tripple, USA
We’ve been using PlushForums for a couple of weeks now and it’s been a fantastic choice.
Mo Firouz, UK
Fantastic product. I've been searching for months for something that could do exactly what Plush does.
Joe Sheedy, UK
Plush saved the day. I just love your forum tool. Thanks for the great support!
Bjarne Eldhuset, Norway
You have the best forum builder. You can be proud of the job you've done.
Anyanwu Oluebube, Ghana
I have to say your forum solution is very professional, feature rich and looks great! I’ve researched many different solutions, but none of them seemed like a match.
Jon Seele, USA
I am loving this forum product. I think people are losing out if they do not know about you.
Asif Yusuf, UK
PlushForums looks fantastic. Both the forum interface and the integrated blog look simple, yet professional, and that extends to all areas of the community.
Kaya Ismail, UK

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