PlushForums is a hosted forum software platform that enables anyone to create a forum that's polished, engaging and easy to use. It's the perfect way to build your online community, or share the knowledge within your organisation.

Award winning service

Proudly serving our customers since launching in 2014, PlushForums won CMS Critic's Award for Best Commercial Forum Software in the same year. With Plush, you know you're getting a premium service at a great price. Our affordable plans deliver a forum hosting service that's fast, secure, and ready to use in minutes.

Why use hosted forum software?

Hosting your own forum software can be rewarding and instructive, but it's a continual challenge. First you need to find a hosting company, configure your server and install the software. Then there are themes and plugins to get working. You may need to hire a developer and designer to get it working nicely.

You'll also have to maintain your community, including taking regular backups and installing critical security updates. And if your site starts to slow down, you'll have to upgrade the server and reconfigure the software yourself.

We love doing this stuff, and we can appreciate why people prefer to go it alone. But if you have other priorities, our professional forum hosting service can help you create your ideal online community in minutes.

Why should I choose PlushForums?

PlushForums is real-time, creating a truly engaging user experience.

Plush comes with free SSL support, which is absolutely essential for security, performance and SEO. Why should you need to pay extra?

PlushForums includes a built-in blog that seamlessly integrates with your forum. Save yourself the hassle of combining two separate products.

PlushForums features a beautiful design that's easy to brand. Building your online community doesn't need to be a lengthy project.

PlushForums is made for mobile phones. There's no need to compromise on functionality, branding or performance. Your forum just works beautifully on iOS and Android devices.

Using PlushForums requires no technical experience. It includes a simple, professional control panel, and there are no plugins to install. Get your community up and running in minutes.

PlushForums is super fast. The user interface feels tactile and pages snap into view, thanks to finely tuned forum software, powerful hardware and a global CDN.

PlushForums is a robust platform for private forums. Unlike the large social media platforms, we don't sell your data or spy on your members.

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